Awaken, O God-Self!

(A message from Awareness to Itself)

Once upon a Timeless Now, in the Infinity of No-Space,
You emanated, for no reason other than pure Delight,
a fabulous dream-like universe of objects, a world of apparent “things.”
Having conjured some very interesting forms,
You entertained a jump into Your dream,
and seemed (only seemed) to lose Yourself in it as one of the limited forms
—in this case, the being You chronically think of as “myself.”

At any time You can awaken from the dream of “me” to realize that
You are not the body-mind persona, but are, in truth,
the Divine Dreamer, the Supreme Source of all,
the Absolute “No-thing” of Luminous Pure Spirit from which all “things” arise.
Divine Being is Your Truth.
You are This.

How do You awaken? Just notice:
You are already Awareness, not a “me” or a “thing.”
All sense of being “inside” a body or a mind drops away.
You float free as unbounded “no-body” and “no-mind”—Pure Awareness,
prior to and beyond intentional consciousness,
transcending all forms, yet immanently within all.
Body-mind spontaneously functions and lovingly serves all beings
according to Tao, the Divine Will, the Natural Way.
You are content, at peace, abandoning selfish fascination
for the various dream-objects (consciousness disguised).
All binding likes and dislikes that could have fixated attention have dissolved.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”
You remain as this pure, open I,
not narrowly identifying with “I am this” or “I am that.”
You abide here & now as simple, unbounded Infinity.

You are always already Free,

Pure Divine Spirit, Boundless Intelligent Space,

Absolute Being-Awareness-Bliss-Grace,

the Fullness and Ecstasy of Love.

Text © Copyright Timothy Conway, 1991/2007