Soul-Full Spirituality and Undying Consciousness

(Azal: Eternity, original acrylic painting by Richard Quinn, 1988)

At this subdomain, Soul-Full Spirituality, at, we focus on the soul-level in our multi-faceted Reality as body-mind-soul-Spirit (click on this highlighted link to read an overview essay on the wonders of each of these levels; you can also go to the Nondual Spirituality pages for more about our beyond-the-soul or "transpersonal" reality as formless-formfull Awareness or Spirit).

We start with two thanatology essays on the postmortem survival of the soul and evidence for and dynamics of reincarnation.
You can also explore here an ancient map of the six different kind of karmic ego-tendencies to understand why people behave the way they do and why our real goal is not some "heaven" but complete God-Realization or Buddhahood, waking up from the dream of being a born-dying-reincarnating "me." (Note: this last essay is formatted as a PDF file for better viewing of the illustrations; you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view it— your computer probably already has Acrobat bundled in with the software, but if not and this essay does not automatically load when you click on the above link, Acrobat is easily available for downloading here.) Here's another PDF file, an annotated and very extensive bibliography on these topics of death, conscious dying, survival, the afterlife, and closely related topics.

In the presence of death, and many other challenging life-situations, strong emotions and feelings can come up. In an important essay, I've pulled together here lots of insights and experiential processes about exploring emotions, releasing energy, and transforming into love.

There's also the important topic of sleep and dreaming. It was well-known to the ancients that deep, dreamless sleep was a magnificent time for allowing Awareness to rest in/as Awareness, without any egoic sense of body, mind or world. That is why we awaken from sleep with a sense of being refreshed and restored. And dreams are a chance to witness and explore various subtle realms. Alas, the modern human being is often running sleep deficits and has dreams which are often disturbed, due to various traumas and "shadow material" from the subconscious aspect of the psyche. Here is a useful overview on these topics of sleep, dreaming and well-being, with some good resources provided.

I've included, too, for your perusal a short essay about getting guidance on making difficult choices --given that, on the soul-level, there seem to be so many decisions confronting us in terms of our vocation, our relationships, our responsibilities, our various projects within the dream of life.

In all of this soul-full material, it behooves us to always remember that the Great Perennial Wisdom Tradition of mystics East and West reveals to us the final Truth: who we really are is not merely a personal soul but the unborn, undying, birthless, deathless Spirit or Pure Absolute Awareness. The idea of our being just a limited, finite, individual personality or soul is a dream.

So, after you've convinced yourself at this subdomain that you are an undying, everlasting soul, if you want to go even deeper into the wonder of Life and Who You Really Are, then feel free to shift to our Nondual Spirituality subdomain and read the essays therein for a revelation of the mystic teaching on the nature of the Divine Dreamer, the God-Self.