Two New Books from the Wake Up Press

Here are the most inclusive and spiritually rich volumes ever written on the greatest sages and sacred texts of India’s traditions of nondual Wisdom and Devotion, “the Highest Yoga” of Full Realization. Featuring over 150 sages and texts of both the current era and past eras, these beautifully written, meticulously documented and well-illustrated volumes will educate and inspire anyone interested in the amazing legacy of mystical “Mother India.” Here one finds the dazzling revelation of Who We Really Are along with shining exemplars of living Truth and loving Compassion. The consummate clarity of such profoundly liberated human beings and enlightening scriptures can truly help heal our world-community. These are books to treasure for a lifetime!

India’s Sages: Nondual Wisdom from the Heart of Freedom by Timothy Conway, Ph.D.——Riveting biographical essays and extensive spiritual teachings from over 30 of the most lauded male and female sages of modern-era India. Here are renowned, towering adepts of wisdom including Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramakrishna, Shirdi Sai, Meher Baba, Narayana Guru, Yoga Swami, Anasuya Devi, Anandamayi Ma, and many more. This is the real advaita or nondual spirituality, authentically liberating and ennobling, far beyond the imitation “neo-” or “pseudo-advaita” rampant today. (Release date to be announced • 450 pg • soft • $25 • ISBN 1-882978-32-3)

India’s Sages Source Book: Nondual Wisdom from Hindus, Buddhists, Jainas, Tantrics, Sants, Sikhs and Sufis by Timothy Conway, Ph.D.——Simply put, the finest compendium ever assembled of India’s nondual wisdom and devotion traditions of the living past, perfect for private inspiration or use as a religious history text. Special highlights: the ancient Vedanta secret revelation of the God-Self right HERE and the Buddha’s earth-shaking declaration of total freedom right NOW, sage Nagarjuna and the many riches of India’s Mahayana Buddhism, the nondual devotional movements, Hindu and Buddhist tantra, Sankara’s pinnacle-level advaita Vedanta triumph, the “radical-wisdom” Gitas and the vast Yoga Vasishtha (“the Bible of Nonduality”), the theology of Divine-play and ecstatic love mysticism from Utpaladeva and Kashmir Saivism and Jnanesvar and the Varkari sect. Finally, we hear from the great “formless God” mystics: Kabir and the Sants, Nanak and the Sikhs, and India’s Muslim Sufi poet-saints. (Release date to be announced • 740 pg • soft • $28 • ISBN 1-882978-35-8)

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