A Consideration of Tony Parsons

NOTE: for the time being, i have pulled this page, which was up for a few days circa Feb. 7-9, 2012, and was written, admittedly, on the basis of only sampling a limited amount of Tony Parsons material (his 1-hour interview with Rick Archer for BATGAP.com and his book Open Secret). With additional information, both pro and con, that has come in, I may revise and nuance the mini-essay formerly here and also add some pertinent material. However, because of a "beyond busy" schedule, i no longer consider it a high-priority project to re-work and upload it so a long time might elapse before i'm inclined to do that.

Meanwhile, you might wish to consult the webpages at this site on highly recommended sages like Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Zen Master Bankei, and many other illustrious adepts of authentic nondual spirituality.... And there is also my widely-read webpage critique of "pseudo-advaita" that can be perused here, much of which is relevant when considering Tony's dangerously imbalanced teachings.

I'd leave the reader with simply the last part of the essay on Parsons that was previously up here for a few days:


We celebrate this ONE REALITY, the One Self who is manifesting as MANY selves and yet is always only ONE... and yes MANY... and BOTH… and NEITHER. ☺

The widely-renowned Chan Buddhist master Linji (9th century, China) summed up the flexible way of effectively sharing nondual Truth:

Sometimes I take away the person but leave the environment.
Sometimes I take away the environment but leave the person.
Sometimes I take away both the person and the environment.
Sometimes I leave both the person and environment as is

Anyone who fathoms Linji’s statement might possibly be ready to wisely serve the nondual Dharma. Anyone who doesn’t fathom Linji might do well to zip the lips.