Special Book Offer on Women of Power & Grace

Participants in this special offer can purchase from us brand new, substantially discounted copies of the widely acclaimed book, Women of Power and Grace: Nine Astonishing, Inspiring Luminaries of Our Time, by Timothy Conway, Ph.D.

This 352-page book features biographical sketches on each of nine amazing women, over 30 photos, and 120 pages of their dazzling teachings on wisdom, devotion, and God-realization. Significantly, with its last and longest chapter, Women of Power & Grace was the first publication for the USA booktrade to present the now world-renowned and much-honored holy woman of India: Amma, the "Hugging Mother" Mata Amritanandamayi.

Women of Power & Grace garnered very positive reviews (click on link to read the testimonials and a more detailed outline of the chapter contents).

To order one or more copies of Women of Power & Grace for yourself and/or your loved ones, just send to our contact address below a check or money order for just $12 for the softcover edition of the book, which includes free bookrate shipping (the book retails for $16.95 + tax in the bookstores, and shipping is normally $3.50) or just $14 for the hardcover edition and free bookrate shipping (discounted from the retail price of $22.95 + tax; note its different cover, on the left, showing the holy woman Anandamayi Ma of India).

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